Tuesday, June 28, 2011

International Makeup Artist Trade Show

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) comes to LA every June with lots of new products and amazing makeup artistry from beauty to speical effects. There are legendary makeup artist roaming the event that only a true makeup artist would even recognize. I've been going for the past 8 years and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger.

Conor McCullagh, a artist from the Syfy Channel makeup competition show FaceOff

This year I ventured out to the show with two of my very good friends and makeup artist Anthony and Tony. We walked around the event for about 3 hours checking out new things that we may want to invest in. Anthony and I have used this event as a way to meet up during the year to catch up and enjoy a afternoon of hanging out. We both love the industry so what a better way to spend the day together. Tony hadn't been in many years so he was excited to check out some new things. So here's a few pictures of the show..enjoy them!!

Werewolf Peice by Dominie Till

Pig, from Famhog Booth

Tony and I found Joe doing a demo!

Completed Werewolf by Dominie Till

Gage Hubbard, another amazing artist from SyFy Face Off

This makeup was AMAZING!! So glad I got a picture of if...triple kudos to the makeup artist!

I wish I wouldn've seen this finished!

So just like my race tradition of getting a slurpee after a race I also have a tradition with Anthony to get lunch at Wolfe Burger in Pasadena after the trade show..meals like this is why I have to run my tushy off!!!

Starting in September I'll be posting some photos of my own work from Knott's Berry Farms Halloween Haunt. I've been working there for 15 years and look forward to making scary monsters for a month and a half!!

ARE YOU MISSING MY GIVE AWAYS!! I have a fun fashion give away from Flourish Salon...some great feather earrings!! Make sure you check back this week to see how to enter!! No animals were harmed in the making of these fun earrings!!

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  1. Yay - fun post!!!!!!! I need to make it to one of these shows :)