Tuesday, July 5, 2011

La Palma Fitness Run For Fun 5k

I'm really starting to like these little holiday 5k's! The races are small, fun, and it makes for a great holiday kick off! This year when I was registering for this race my mom asked if she could come along and walk the event. Most of my races are ran with my dad since he's the other runner in the family, so when she showed interested I got really excited! My dad had to work so he missed out which he wasn't very happy about, but he was so proud of my mom for registering!

The night before our little holiday 5k, Krissy and Paul came to our place to watch the firework show at the park near our house. Our city does the event on the 3rd so people can make plans with families and enjoy the 4th with loved ones! We BBQ'd and then rode our beach cruisers up and down hills to get to the park about a mile away. I have to say I don't recommend trying to ride a 3 speed beach cruiser in a hilly area with a full cut up watermelon in your bike basket!! It was heavy and I felt like I was peddling no where HAHA! The weather was perfect, and the fireworks were GREAT! We had a fantastic time!

Paul, Krissy, Me and Robert...Beach Cruisin 4th of July Extravaganza!!

I got home around 10pm and got all my things ready for the race, Mr G 2.0, after race shirt and flip flops! I told mom I'd pick her up at 6:30 so we had time to grab our shirts and bibs. Since this was her first 5k event and it was a holiday, I thought I would be fun if her and I had matching T-shirts! I had to cut mine to so I wouldn't overheat running in cotton...it didn't come out exactly how I wanted it but it worked!!


Call me the over protective daughter, but I was a bit worried about my mom doing this event in the heat. Since she had her treatments less then a year ago she still has slight side effects from it. I kept reminding her that if she felt fatigue at any time during her walk that she was to stop and call me. She just kept saying "I know, I know I will call you" What can I say, I worry!
After we grabbed our bibs and shirts I decide it would be best to take the shirt back to the car so mom didn't have to carry anything with her. I was half way to there when I heard someone say "HIIIII"...it was Danica! YAY a familiar face!

Danica and I with our finishers Popsicles!

When I got back to my mom she told me that she found a walking partner! Apparently when I was giving her "instructions" on what to do if she didn't feel well a lady was listening to us, so she approached my mom and asked if she wouldn't mind walking with her. She wasn't even registered and decided since my mom was there to walk at a nice and slow pace, there was no reason she couldn't. Just like that my mom made a friend, what a relief I had knowing she had someone with her!

Mom and friend coming into the finish!!

We headed over the start and I reminded my mom of the "rules of walkers" and told her once again "call me if you don't feel good" HAHA! She was all set so it was time for me to leave her with her new friend. The sun was getting strong and I knew this little 3 mile race may just be the death of me. I haven't been running much so I wasn't sure how well this was going to go. I had to really push myself the 1st mile and focus on keeping my pace steady, not to go to fast because it was now 84 degrees. As I was taking a quick little walk break I heard someone say "HEY" to my surprise my friend Krista that I went to elementary school with was there running with her family. I haven't seen her in years, so surprised she even recognized me!

Kristy and Krista, grade school friends!

I pushed through miles 2 and 3 feeling ok, it was hot but I was feeling fine. I only took one very fast walk break at the beginning then realized I just needed to stay at a comfortable pace. I finally hit the finish at 37 minutes! Not my best but I finished! The one thing that I love about this course..it was FLAT, no hills, just a easy peasy run. It would've been even better in cooler weather but hey I live in California we have amazing weather all the time, so I'm not going to be upset with Mother Nature for giving us a beautiful 4th of July =)

After I was done I got my congratulatory popsicle..best finish line food ever! Then went over to cheer my mom and Danica on. I saw Danica fly by me finishing her 10k 1st of her age group WOOHOOO!! My mom came in a little after her with her new walking friend with a giant smile on her face! I was SO PROUD of my mom!!

That night for the 4th I spent it with Robert's family, BBQ'ing, and lounging around. It was a perfect day, fun race and lots of family LOVE!!


  1. Had a great time at the fireworks! Congrats to your mom on her 1st and FINISHERS POPSICLES?!?! Awesome!

  2. YAY for another great small fun race! These are quickly becoming my favorite too :) Glad you had a fun fourth and great seeing you again. so what is the next holiday race we are signing up for! haha

  3. I sure could've used a popsicle at the end of my race! Congrats on you and your mom's 5k!