Saturday, November 27, 2010

What I'm Thankful For & Long Beach Turkety Trot

Happy can't believe I'm saying that already! I absolutely love this time of year, the weather, and spending time with family and friends. Everything about it makes me happy.

This Thanksgiving was extra special for me for many reasons, my mom was doing great, and my grandma is here from Boston, I really can't complain. See one year ago my mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer, so we spent last Thanksgiving in the hospital with her since she had to have surgery a few days before. My dad and I ended up having Thanksgiving dinner with her in her hospital room. I have to say it wasn't to bad of a meal, but we both missed her cooking. Thankfully this year my mom was home with us, feeling great and cooking her meal of deliciousness. I couldn't wait to get to her house to smell pumpkin cake, ham, and stuffing but first I had to attend my very first Long Beach Turkey Trot.

I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore throat and didn't really think anything of it. "Its just a sore throat, nothing a little tea wouldn't help" I kept telling myself. Well as the night progressed my nose started to run and the headache started. I set my alarm for 5am hoping when I woke up all this stuffy nose, headache business would be gone (wishful runner thinking). Well I was so wrong, my nose was super stuffed, and I could barely breath without sounding like Darth Vadar. I had a feeling this 10k was gonna be my worse enemy.

I got to the parking lot by 6:30am and waited for Penny & her son Griffin to arrive. After a few text messages back and forth we decided that it would be best to just do the 5k. I could tell by the way my nose was running and my head was feeling there was no way I was going to complete a 10k that day. The race started and I was feeling horrible, breathing through my mouth was the absolute worst. The cold air was making my throat feel worse and I just wanted this to end as quickly as possible. Magically after about 10 minutes my nose started to clear up from the cold air and I was feeling ok. There were tons of people so we kept a 11:30 pace, anything faster wasn't an option. I actually started to feel a little better (or I thought) and knew changing to the 5k was the best decision I made that day. We finally hit the turn around and was making our way back towards the finish. This is when I finally had to agree with my body that I was sick. I've been in denial since the night before but the final stretch of the 5k wasn't very pleasant, my chest was tight and I wanted to just stop. I knew the quicker I finished this, the quicker I could get home to rest. Luckily Penny was there running with me cause I would have DNF a 5k. Finally there it was, the finish!!! I have never been so excited to see a finish line in my life. I checked Mr G. to see my time...37 mins. I was perfectly ok with that! We walked a round for a bit to check a few booths out and decided to go "Chuck A Chicken" for charity. This is where Penny & I realized we will never be quarterbacks and we throw like girls. Even though this wasn't the best 5k I've done cause I was sick, it will definitely be a tradition for me every year.

That night I went to my moms house and quarantined myself in my old bedroom with her cat, until it was time for Thanksgiving dinner. Laying in my old room I realized all the things I am absolutely thankful for.

1. Parents
2. Boyfriend, especially for taking care of me the past few days. I know I've been a pain.
3. Brother, my neice & my sister in law.
4. Grandma here celebrating the holidays with us.
5. Friends
6. My Dog
7. Dr Lim my moms doctor at City of Hope
8. City of Hope
9. My job
10. Food on the table.
11. A roof over my head.
12. The ablitiy to run
13. Heels
14. Pancakes
15. Internet Shopping
16. Cold and Flu medicine
17. Tom Brady
18. Panini Makers
19. Starbucks coffee
20. Large Designer Sunglasses

So I ask you this...what are you thankful for this year?