Friday, June 1, 2012

Relay for Life! Help my mom fight cancer!

Its that time of year again when my mom is participating in the Relay for Life event. She looks forward to this event so much because its something she's doing for herself and others fighting cancer.

My mom was diasgnosed in November of 2009 a few days before Thankgiving. I can still remember the sound of the doctors voice as he came out of surgery with my mom telling my dad and I, "she has stomach cancer and it's very serious" My heart stopped at that very moment and a wave of thoughts went through my head!  How could this lady who is the rock of our family be sick? She's so healthy this can't be? Is she going to be ok? Will she have to do chemo and radiation? What is stomach cancer and why can't they just take it out? There were many other unanswered questions but they were to be answer by the amazing staff at City of Hope a few weeks later.

My mom did end up going through chemo, but didn't have to have radiation. She was a trooper through the whole thing. I'd come home from work and she be in her bedroom hooked up to her chemo little bag with the dog laying next to her dreaming away. She always smiled and rarely complained of discomfort she was having. She finished her treatments and was on the home stretch to move on and get back to normal life. Unfortunately with stomach cancer it's not curable, but it is treatable with lots of monitoring. She goes to the doctor every 6 months to make sure everything is okay, and gets her dose of Zometa treatments to get her bones nice and healthy. She's been back at work for over a year now and is feeling better then ever.

If it wasn't for money funding events like Relay for Life research for cancer wouldn't take place. So with a small donation you can too help. Skip that cup of $5.00 Starbucks, or eating out one night and help my mom and others fight cancer. She is attempting to raise $500 this year and very excited about it.

To help with a donation please click here. Relay for Life takes place in many cities, I encourage you to participate in it at least once its a great event!!

Thank you so much from our family!!!