Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Guardian Angel

When I was young I was told that when someone leaves this world they go to heaven and become a angel to watch over us. Some of us have people that are so special to them that they now consider them a guardian angel. A angel they can call upon for strength and guidance, its someone who has passed that you feel is surrounding you, and watching out for you when your at our worst or even best.. A angel you find yourself talking to while in the car, taking a walk, or running.. I often ask people if they believe in such a thing, and its usually different answers. Some do believe and some give you that look of "your crazy". I am amongst the few that strongly believe I have a special person that watches over me all the time,
I was having hard time with my 3 mile run last night. My legs were extremely heavy and I was starting to get frustrated as I did on Sunday. I didn't want to give up because LA marathon is around the corner and I need to get my body ready for my first full marathon. Giving up is not an option and I needed to push myself. My little legs however wanted to be at home on the couch watching Jerseylicious (I know...judge if you will, I just can't stop watching) I know 3 miles isn't allot, but for some reason I'm struggling allot more on short runs then I have on long runs. My shins are beginning to hurt again, my back hurts and everything that could go wrong during a run has been. I think I was about 1 1/2 miles in when I said "Es, friend please help me, push me, help me get this done" I said it again and again. Finally around mile 2 the pain I had in my leg was slow going away, and I was hitting 10 minute miles, and feeling awesome. I even caught myself singing "Sweet Transvestite" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack pretty loudly, which would explain the looks I was getting from other runners at the park.....still don't know how that got onto my running playlist.
Anywho, at that very moment I felt calm, and probably could have ran 8-10 miles last night. The rest of my run all l I could think of was Esrin. My friend that was taken from all of us way to soon to cancer. Believing that she was there with me last night put such a ease in my mind, and I just felt comfortable. I often think of her during races, her beautiful smile, her fun bubbly personality, the shenanigans we had when we lived in Burbank together while going to makeup school. We even did cartwheels in $500.00 dresses in a Nordstroms dressing room one time. I think we almost peed our pants that day from laughing so hard, and what I do to have one more conversation with her, even if it was over Facebook chat like we used to. I get emotional when I think about her, then think about her Ms Swan and Brittany Spears impressions and my tears are turned into a smile, she was hilarious!! She had such a beautiful soul, and anyone that knew her would agree. The last conversation I had with her she asked me if I was still running and told me it was awesome that I was doing it. She gets me through so much, and as much as I miss her I know for a fact she is with me all the time. She is my guardian angel and I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have her.

Thank you Esrin for being with me last night, your amazing!!

Esrin Hedman
Sept 8, 1982 - Sept 3, 2009