Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Favorite Things...SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!!

My favorite time of the year is here...SUMMER TIME!! This means fun up do's, great makeup looks, mini vacations, hiking, and sunset running..I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SUMMER! I wanted to make things a little saucy this month with my favorite things so I'm sharing a few items I can't live without, a great new hair crazy and fun earrings from Flourish Salon!!

So here are my picks for summer!!!!

Dream Cream

I don't know about you but my skin is super dry during this time of year. Swimming in chlorine, and excessive sweating while running in this summer weather is all making my skin dry and ITCHY! I've always been a fan of Lush shops so when I ran the Pasadena Half marathon I had the opportunity to stop at the store located downtown. I explained my activities to the sales girl and she recommended the Dream Cream. I've been using it since May and my skin looks and feels so much better. It takes about a dime size of this to cover each leg, if you go more then you may feel a bit greasy. Its smells great and feels wonderful on! It helps with sunburns and is great for kids skin as well. The one thing I learned was don't use this before going to a hot yoga class, lets just say my sweat and the lotion made doing certain posses very challenging! HAHA! This cute container of lotion should last you about 6-7 months and it runs $24.95. They are a world wide company so you can order this product online, or in one of there local stores.

Fishtail Braid

Here is a little side fishtail I did for work the other day! Earrings by Flourish Salon!

I'm always looking for new ways of keeping my long locks away from my face during work, workouts, or running. Braids are easy and can be fun if your creative with them, but why not "flair your hair" with a fishtail braid. I absolutely love this look! Its super easy to do and can be done to your ponytail for a great race look! It's definitely the summer look this year. I learned how do it by looking it up on YouTube. =)

Feather Earrings

My earrings also seen the picture above!

Feathers, feathers, feathers!! They seem to be taking over the fashion world lately. Feather extensions, and now feather earrings!! I ordered these earrings from Flourish Salon and can't stop wearing them, I get compliments on them all the time. Flourish Salons online store has tons of handmade hair accessories and jewelry for pretty much any occasion. When I contacted my friend and designer Denice to see if she was interested in featuring the earrings on my "Favorite Things" she was awesome enough to give a pair for a give away!!

So if you want to win this cute little package with the "Cinnamon Buns" feather earring you can!!..(BTW the flower on the package is a hair clip)....super cute!!! Here's how you can enter.....

1. Retweet my give away, don't forget to add @kristypants.
2. Like Flourish Salon on FB by clicking here and leave a comment on my post of the give away so I can keep track!
3. Leave comment on this post telling me what your favorite summer products are!

A winnner will be chosen on Wedneday July 20, 2011..Good Luck!!


  1. I did all that ish yo! My fav summer products are sunscreeeeen!! and the summer scents at victoria's secret!

  2. You're totally right...I looooooooooooove those earrings!

    I liked Flourish Salon on FB :)

  3. And in the summer I swear by Hempz body lotion (and spray tans to look tan w/o ruining my skin)

  4. Fave summer products...
    Sunscreen for sure, though that's kind of a love/hate relationship. :-)

    I love Satsuma body butter from The Body Shop (though I love it year-round!), but I'm dying to try the Dream Cream you recommended!

    So how do you do a fishtail braid? My daughter keeps asking me to do her hair that way, but my braiding skills are limited to "standard" and "french". I just cannot get the hang of the fishtail nor the headband-braid, which is all the rage among the 10-year-olds.

  5. My absolute fav summer treat is Coconut Bliss ice cream. 100% gluten free, organic, all natural ... and well pure bliss :)

  6. LOVE this! For summer I love my new scent by coach, poppy! B got it for me right before we started filming and it means so much to me! :) It's so light and fun and flirty, perfect for summer date nights and little dresses!

    Love the fishtale. Shea did it on me the other day and it looks amazing and so much nicer than just a braid. :)

  7. SUCH a great post!

    So many great things!

    I've been having such a hard time posting a comment! I've tried like 20 times. Hopefully they don't all just randomly show up. Haha.
    I adore fishtail braids. I learned to do them on youtube too! My hair isn't quite long enough (yet) so I did it on Danica. So cute.

    Obviously I'm obsessed with everything feather related this season also; feather hair extensions, feather earings, feather headbands, feather neaklaces, feather EVERYTHING.

    And lastly, my latest obsession has been lace. I love all things lace. It's so girly and flirty and best of all, dainty. I love all things dainty. I even love just saying the word! haha.

    Thanks for a great post and inspiring me to blog more! :)