Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laguna Hills Half Marathon

Last weekend I joined Danica at the Laguna Hills Half Marathon. I had given myself some high hopes for this race and really wanted to PR. I thought having Danica there to push me would help since she’s much faster then I am. My legs on the other hand had other plans.
We met in the parking lot around 6am so we could grab our bibs, and use the "restrooms". The race was small with about 2500 runners. We got the start line and waited in the back of the pack. Danica made a suggestion that if you start in a pace group lower then yours then you don't get as tired at the beginning trying to keep you with your normal pace group, made total sense to me so I was all for the back of the pack start!

Me, Danica, Emil and friends!

The first 3 miles were horrible, once again I started to feel the same pain I felt in my legs the weekend before in Fresno Half Marathon. They were tight from my exterior ankle up to my calves. I knew they were warming up and after a while the pain would go away, but its the most annoying thing ever! The hills weren’t to bad just yet as the course took us through a residential area. We both weren't really feeling this race in the morning and had discussed for about 1.5 seconds to just do the 5k but we kept going, chatting and enjoying ourselves.

The Start

We ran through a few main streets then at about mile 7 we were put on the Aliso and Wood Canyon Park trail. There were no spectators in this section so it sort of made it a boring run. The volunteers were doing the best they could cheering us on, but it with no spectators the last half of the race seemed like it took forever.

Just running along chatting!

It started to get warm so we were making sure to stop at every water station to get in some hydration. With the heat and lack of spectators we had to start to entertain ourselves. I serenaded Danica a few times with Lady Gaga songs, which I know she loved! HAHA!! We also attempted to get some fun jumping photos around mile 9. I have to say I think I did pretty well!



Up, Up and Away!

Danica really wanted me PR so she suggested we really push starting at mile 10. I took a look at my watch and thought it was somewhat doable even if it was a minute PR. I was willing to try and was going to talk myself into it as much as I could. My legs really started to get heavy with the up and down hills and the time was ticking away. I was really hoping the end would have a giant downhill so I could have a little help to the finish. That was wishful thinking because instead of a downhill we were graced with a up hill to the finish. Danica just kept saying “your almost there” I was telling myself the same thing, but that darn up hill was a surprise and my stumpy legs were not having it at all!

Coming into the finish!

I was starting to see more spectators coming up to the finish and I could hear them announcing people coming in I knew I was close. I just wanted to get there out of the heat and to the finish! Danica ran up ahead of me to hit the finish first, then I finally crossed at 2:35!! WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHH no PR for me =( We walked around the finishers area searching for food because that was topic of conversation during the race several times HAHA!, we were a little disappointed when we didn't find anything but oranges, and water. That's when Danica said the most amazing thing I have every heard. "We should go eat at In-N-Out, there's one where our cars are parked"...see photo below...delicious!!

Our Finishers Meal!!

I didn’t PR which I’m a little bummed about, but what I did accomplish was running 3 half marathons in a row that a year ago I don't think I could've done. I also officially became a Half Fanatic this week for the 3 races...#1118 YAY!! So out of my 3 races I ran the one race I thought was going to be my worst was actually my best Pasadena Half Marathon. I accomplished becoming a Fanatic, and I’m super proud of myself for it. I won’t be training for anything again till about July, so I think its time to get in some swimming and actually jump on the bike I got. Anyone up to teaching this girl gears? =)

Laguna Hills Half..Complete!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Danica for running this with me. She usually runs a sub 2 and she stayed with me the whole way. She was a great cheerleader and pacer, I had a great time running with her! Thank you to Emil for the race photos..I didn't take any pictures, what is wrong with me!! HAHA!

Hope everyone had a great race weekend this week! Thanks for reading friends!!

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