Monday, June 6, 2011

Can you help my mom?

The Relay for Life event is a 24 hour relay fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. What allot of people don't know is back in November 2009 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. She did several months of chemotherapy and is now on Zometa treatments to keep her bones nice and healthy. Her cancer is not cureable, but it is treatable. If you meet my mom you wouldn't even know she has cancer in her body. She's back at work, going to her church meetings, just enjoying life with her family and friends. My mom is the strongest most amazing lady I have ever meet. I know we will all say that about our moms, but I do believe my mom is the greatest EVER! My brother is also a cancer survivor and we couldn't have been more happy when we found out he was completely cancer free! So this relay is very close to our hearts.
Last year we did this event together. My dad and I ran for 2 hours around a high school track and raised a little over $500.00. It was a special day for us because it was the last week ending my moms treatments. She couldn't do allot of walking last year, but this year she's ready. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to be there with her but I know she understand.

I usually pick one charity a year to run for, but this year I'm asking you donate to my mom for her walk. Even if its $2.00, every little bit counts. We have all have someone we know that is fighting or has conquered cancer. Please help and donate to my moms page. She'll be walking on June 25th!

For all donations please click HERE

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kristy & Olga Gomes

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