Friday, May 13, 2011

I be up at the gym..working on my fitness!!

I still haven't been running much, but I did get in some solid workouts this week that made me feel great. I'm hoping for some solid running the next few weeks since I have 3 Half marathons in a row starting this weekend...apparently I didn't plan that out very well. My three half marathon series starts with the Pasadena Half Marathon this weekend. I'm going to do my absolute best Sunday up and down the hills of Pasadena. I hope my bad running mojo turns into good juju!! If this doesn't work out as planned I have 2 more chances to kick ass. I'm more excited that my friend Jessica is also running, and its her first half marathon!! WOOHOO! Next weekend Penny and I are driving up to Fresno to run the half marathon with Row, then on May 30 I'm joining Danica at the Laguna Hills half marathon. So that's 3 half marathons, 3 weekends in a of them is bound to be great right?

The past week I did a few workouts that I was happy with. I did my usual Tuesday night yoga with Krissy. Wednesday Bob was in town for a trade show so we ran a very slow 5 miles through the hills of my neighborhood, then yesterday I attempted a Fit Bar class. Let me skip yoga with Krissy and running with Bob talk to discuss this "FitBar" class for a moment. I have one word for it AMAZING! I had heard about this workout from some friends and they had nothing but positive things to say about it. A few weeks ago I saw a Groupon offer for 2 classes at Living Fitness in Newport Beach. It’s a little far from home, but I really wanted to try this and it was such a good deal. I decided since I had a short day at work yesterday it was a perfect opportunity to head out to Newport for a class I wasn't to sure what to expect but I'm always up to finding new things for cross training. Bar workouts are pretty much a mash-up of pilates, yoga, aerobic and ballet moves. Lots of stretching, cardio, and strength training. The one thing I realized during this class is I'm not flexible at all, and my legs are so stiff. I never noticed it in yoga for some reason, but I totally noticed in this class. Our instructor Jody was great., she was very knowledgeable, and she explain things as we went along. She came around and helped correct the "newbie" to make sure I was doing things correctly. Great workout, great environment, and great instructor! If you live in or around south Orange County I highly recommend this class. I have one more class to take with them that I plan on doing after my half marathon series is over! I wish this gym was closer to me because I would most definitely go back more often.

As for yoga with Krissy it was great as usual. We've been going to another gym location because the instructor at our "normal gym" was to cookie cutter with her classes. It was the same thing week by week legs, abs, relax...wash, rinse, repeat Meh! This new found instructor likes to change things up weekly which keeps us excited about going to class. However now that we found a new instructor that we love, we also found a gym that we don't love. It’s so crowded it's unbelievable. So after much discussion Krissy and I have decided we are going to try a yoga studio. We'll be going to our first class on Tuesday night, if all goes well.....good bye crowded gym and hello weekly yoga studio.

My running for the week was with Bob. He was in town for a trade show so we decided to meet up on Wednesday night. He got to my house dressed in the same outfit as me totally not planned at all, but it was definitely hilarious.


We did a total of 5 very slow miles and chatted about what we're training for, and he once again was answering 101 questions I had about triathlons and cycling. I hadn't seen him since LA Marathon so it was nice to do a little catching up. Running at night is always a challenge for me because I'm so sluggish from being at work all day, but we did it!

That's pretty much my week. I've had to promise myself that I wouldn't let my blog go longer then a week without posting. I'll be working on a new "Favorite Things" post with a great give away from Allied Steel Fabricators. They make some awesome medal displays. I'll also have my race reports from Pasadena, Fresno and Laguna Hill half marathons.

Hope everyone has a great training weekend!!

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