Monday, April 25, 2011

Where's My Running Mojo?

I've been hearing allot of people saying they are in a weird funk about running lately. I've been trying to convince myself that I'm not, but after this weekends workout......I am =(

I get super pumped up all day while thinking about going home for a run, however when I get there I find 101 excuses not to go. I told myself Sunday was goign to be a good run day. So I went on a 7 mile very hilly run with Jessica, it wasn't bad but I think I could've done allot better. Jessica is faster then me, so I should be using that tool to help me gain some speed in my time, but instead I did the opposite. I know she wanted to go faster, but at the same time she didn't want to leave me, so she stuck with me as we did 11:30 min miles and many walk breaks.....blah!

So what do I do to get out of this, and why am I in this in the first place? I know it all started after LA Marathon, so am I getting to comfortable not training for anything right now? All I know is I want my running mojo back! I want to be able to enjoy it again and not make it feel like something I have to do, but yet something I love to do. A had a teacher tell me once, "if something you love starts to feel like a job, then its time to not doing it anymore" I don't want running to get to that point because I honestly do love it! It's the one thing I have that lets me do something for myself. I never run races or train for anyone else attention by my own. Its for my own personal satisfaction of "You can do it". I want to say from today moving forward I will do better and I will run more, but with the way I've been feeling I'm totally fooling myself. I thought maybe I need to switch things up so I miss running, you know saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" So tomorrow I'm heading over to yoga class with Krissy and Alexis which I'm hoping we can do weekly, I'm also signing up with the swim class I did last summer which will take up my Tuesday & Thursday nights, and I bought a used bike from a friend that I need to start riding (Jordan help!!!). Also this weekend I'm volunteering at the OC marathon, maybe that will get me to "miss" my running as I watch everyone coming into the finish. I feel like I'm letting myself down so I'm really hoping changing things up a little will help. I do have Pasadena & Fresno half marathons coming up in May, I have my fingers crossed that I have my mojo back by then and I'm ready. If you have any ideas please help I'd love to hear from you!

Feeling Funktified,

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  1. Don't force yourself. I've been "broken" the same way since LA Marathon 2009. Every time I would try to force myself to start up again, I would end up making 101 excuses to not go. I finally decided to just head up in the hills and do more trail running, which I enjoy a lot more than street running. I'm finally getting back to some consistent training.