Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seal Beach 5k

It was nice to have a bib on and be at a start line waiting for a race to begin this weekend. Not to mention Robert and I had a great date night planned for Saturday night, so it was going to be a good day!!

I haven’t done much running since the LA Marathon monsoon, so this 5k was perfect. I’ve always wanted to do this race, so when my friend Krissy asked me to run with her I couldn’t pass it up. She has been working really hard on training, so I wanted to be there with her for her first race!

Our Cheering Team, Robert & Paul

We got to the race pretty early which gave us a little time to meet up with some other running friends and chat for a while. I finally got to see Maggie!! YAY! Then we were joined by Jessica and Manuel at the start, who were both doing the 10k. Being there a little early I think helped Krissy with race day jitters. She was very nervous because she had been having shin splints off and on for a while. She even told me she was having "race dreams"..I know those very well! We all told her she was going to do great, and I made sure she knew I was going to stay with her the whole time.

Some shennanigens walking to the start

We were easily spotted by everyone because Krissy and I decided to wear our bright orange matching soccer jerseys, and I wore a bright orange LA Marathon visor to give it a little more flare. We were very ORANGE to say the least! I wanted to make this fun for her so I suggested we use the bright jerseys....Your probably wondering why the jerseys? So lets go off the race report real quickly for a explanation. During the month of October Robert, myself and Krissy’s husband Paul all work at Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt.

Our boys of Halloween Haunt

I’m a make-up artist, Robert and Paul get put into make-up to scare guests in the park. Krissy’s is our number 1 guest and a Haunt wife. If you ever have the pleasure of going backstage to this event, you’ll see allot of jerseys worn before everyone gets into their costumes. Most areas have these jerseys made so the people who work there can represent their “scare zones” It’s a way of saying this is “My Team” (Thanks Cody) So our little group decided to make these soccer jerseys for “our team” which the boys (our husbands or boyfriends) call “The Regulators” We wear them to our little events that we have together to show we're a "team". That's the story on our BRIGHT orange jerseys!

Me with one of the characters I makeup in October

Ok now back to the race report.....We started in wave 3 which was the under 9 min mile group. We were doing great through mile one just trucking along chatting a little. I check Mr G 2.0 to see what pace she was hitting, and to my surprise she had us at a 11:46 pace. I wanted to tell her but I figured if I kept it on the DL, it would be best. I didn't want to start throwing times and paces at her to make her nerves kick in again, so we just coasted along.

When we came around the 1.5 mile turn I noticed a spectator that looked just like my dad….sure enough to my surprise, there was my pops. He came down to watch and of course meet up for breakfast after. I got a quick hug from him and we were off.

The back of our jersey hitting the finish!

When we saw the mile 2 marker I made sure to say “One more mile YAY!! GO KRISSY GO” I figured if I kept my cheerleading going on it would make things fun...luckily she didn’t punch me in the face for being so Cheertastic!

Regulator's 1st 5k: Mission Complete!

Up to this point we hadn't walked at all. I was feeling great and Krissy's shins were doing just fine. We hit a water station for a quick cup and headed off again. She told me that the longest she had ran was 2.31 miles, so I kept a eye on Mr G 2.0 and let her know the minute our mile hit 2.35. “You just pasted up your longest run and we’re almost done!!" I saw a giant smile on her face and I could tell her race jitters were way gone by that point.

My new 5k running partner!

We hit the turn onto Ocean and there was the finish. I picked up the pace just a tad to see if she would stay with me and she did. As the crowd got thicker the finish line got closer. I turned around a few times to make sure she was right behind me. Her and I hit the finish line for her first 5k at 36:58..WOOHOOOO!!!

I can't express how PROUD I am of her! She did something that not allot of people can say they've done. Whether your running a 5k or a full marathon, its takes allot of courage to get to that start line and she did it!! I did ask her if she would do another and she's ready!! Looks like I have a new 5k running buddy..now lets see if I can get her to a 10k!!

Oh and your probably wondering about our "date night". Robert and I have been going to Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness comedy show for the past 2 years. The show is a charity event done by a radio morning show here in LA on KROQ. This year they raised money for Wounded Warriors Project and Cedars-Sinai Health System. The night started with dinner at Miceli's, the restaurant with singing waiters SUPER FUN! Then we headed off to the Gibson Theater at Universal City for the show. It was great as usual and the comics were awesome! If you live in LA this is definitely as show you might want to catch!

Stay tuned for my next blog post which will be my favorite things...just like Oprah does, but less expensive!


  1. Wow, sorry I missed you guys. I was also in orange.. wore my LAM jersey. Those halloween pics are AMAZING.. that's make-up? The 2nd pic is freaky. Nice recap! -J

  2. You were an awesomely Cheertastic Kristy. I know I have told you before, but I SO appreciate your support at the race. Truth be told, I was REALLY nervous but it was so much easier with you by my side! Looking forward to doing another 5k and as long as my shins can keep up...a 10k may be in my future ;-)
    YAY for the haunt shout outs too! So lucky to be den Mom of all my monsters!