Monday, March 28, 2011

My race calendar for 2011 is here!!!

Now that LA Marathon is finished, its time for me to pick a few races for the year. I ran allot of half marathons last year, so I'd like to focus on a few 5k & 10k races. Surprisely I enjoyed the 26.2 distance so I'm definitely going to run another full this year as well.
I want to focus on getting faster and make running more enjoyable then what it already is for me. I also decided that I'm going to get back in the pool. I found a really great adult swim class at our city pool last summer that helped with technique and breathing, so I'm definitely going to sign up again. It's a great incentive when I go running during the summer to be able jump in the pool after. Once I get my breathing down perhaps a sprint tri will be in my future, if not this year maybe next year. Penny has also convinced me to try a trail run again. I'm very excited about it, I love hiking so this may be a new fun thing for me. We're already planned to hit up the trails of Malibu on April 10!

So here it is my 2011 race calendar...there may be changes but as of right now this is it!

Seal Beach 5k - April 2
Palos Verde Half Marathon - May 14
Fresno Classic Half Marathon - May 22
Long Beach Full Marathon - October 9
Long Beach Turkey Trot 10k - November 24
Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon - Dec 4
Santa to the Sea - Dec 11

I took the week off of running since LA. Spent some time with Robert and enjoyed a fun weekend of Disneyland and the movies. I had a little muscle pain pop up behind my knee that went into my calve, so I've been foam rolling and trying to get it back into shape. Its feeling allot better then it did a week ago, so I think tomorrow I may try something small around the neighborhood. This weekend will be my first little race since LA. My friend Krissy has been working really hard on training for a 5k so I'll be running with her in Seal Beach. I know she's going to do great.

If you have any 5k's you'd like to recommend to me in the OC or LA area please let me know!

Next post will be for the products to keep your skin and hair looking fresh during hot summer training!


  1. Great schedule! I love that you're running LB as your next full mary! Woohoo! YOu will have a fabulous 2011 with those races! Well I will see you in Seal, PV, and of course the LB races! :)

  2. small blog world.. I'm working on my 2011 race list too. I've been so lacking in motivation since LA Marathon. I finally just got my recap up last night! I also have a 1-year runnerversary and race calendar post coming soon (today!) Nice new blog theme Kristy! Enjoy Seal Beach.. it's my local home race. I might be pushing the girls in a double-stroller, so I might only do the 5k this year. I'll probably wear my LA Marathon shirt (the one everyone, except me, seems to dislike), so shout out if you see me! Enjoy...

  3. I think I'll join you for more than a few of those races!

  4. There's a 5K in Irvine, Cinco De Mayo Half/5K on May 1st.

    There's a BEAUTIFUL 5K in June, the Corona Del Mar Scenic 5K... And spectacular food at the end :D