Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gym vs No Gym

So I'm in some what of a pickle and need some help with making a decision. I've had my gym membership for about 4 years, and the past 8 months or so the gym has become more of a pain then a place to work out. It’s completely over crowded and machines are constantly broken!!! I get frustrated when I have to stand in a line 3 people deep waiting for a machine that someone is using while on their cell phone. I'm not able to go early in the morning with my work schedule, so I have to go during the hustle and bustle of the day. I don't mind waiting for bit, but the cell phone thing makes me want to explode! One day before yoga class I wanted to go for a swim and there was a couple just hanging out in the pool as if they were at a backyard BBQ! SO FRUSTRATING! Also within the past few months they decided to start charging a $1.00 for classes to reserve a spot. You would think this would make classes less crowded, but they still sardine everyone in. The whole paying a $1.00 to reserve a spot just seems ridiculous especially since I already pay a monthly payment. I mean if I were to reserve a table at a restaurant I wouldn't have to give them a $1.00. I know it’s not much, but it’s the principle darn it... I get all worked up about the whole thing and can go on a rant about it forever!
With all this stuff happening I'm really considering canceling my gym membership. I made a list of pros vs. cons, so far its aiming towards canceling. I really only use the gym for yoga, the pool, and maybe the elliptical from time to time. I always choose going for a run outdoors over the treadmill, then when summer hits I use our community pool for lap swimming. Its close to my house so I can run there, swim, then run home. They have a pretty cheap summer pass that includes unlimited use of the pool and gym....Now for my yoga that I love, yesterday I tried a yoga studio, I absolutely loved it! It was 100 times better then class at the gym. I walked out feeling so refreshed, calm, and excited to go back.
So you can see I do have alternatives to working out besides using the gym, but for some reason I can't get myself to pick up the phone and cancel my membership. So if you were in my little running shoes what would you do??

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would totally cancel! I enjoyed the Purps too! :) I think that canceling will make more sense financially especially now that summer is upon us! Good luck and I can't wait until Monday and the next time at the Purp!

  2. I am leaning towards canceling too! Lets do it together. OH and I have another fitness outlet for us to explore too...we need to talk about it!