Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"My Favorite Things" Medal Display Giveaway

It's that time again for "My Favorite Things: Bamboo & Medal Display". I didn't have to ponder to much about what I wanted to share with you this month, bamboo vs cotton, and a awesome medal display by Allied Medal Diplays who was gracious enough to help out with a give away!

Bamboo vs Cotton

I absolutely love running in bamboo fabric. I have shirts, as well as sports bras in this material. It looks very similar to cotton, but its much softer and is so much better for your skin. As I mention in "Favorite Things & Ifitness Giveaway", Caleah a good friend of mine and esthetician, has stepped in with some information regarding allot of the products I share on these posts. She told me about bamboo when I asked her what to do about small breakouts on my shoulders from summer running. I purchased my first bamboo shirt from Gypsy Runner at a expo and instantly feel in love! Then Penny gave me a fun shirt for Christmas that she also purchased from Gypsy Runner. When I asked Caleah to compare Bamboo vs Cotton this is what she shared with me;

"Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with a texture similar to silk. It is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic product grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It is also quick to absorb moisture, dries very very quickly, and therefore keeps you dry and odor free. Bamboo socks have been proven to help eliminate athletes foot and in a study performed by the Japan Textile Inspection Association, making them ideal for runners. I love the feel of Bamboo fabric. I own bamboo sheets, bath mats, yoga pants, and even makeup brushes. The environmental benefits of bamboo are even more reason for me to utilize this tree"

Bamboo Shirt from Gypsy Runner (Thanks Penny)

This material is affordable and will keep you cool during hot summer days. Here are some good sites to purchase bamboo clothing.

Gypsy Runner

The House of Bamboo, Bamboo Batu

Asana Green

Doce Vida

Green Apple Active

Allied Medal Display

My Medals!!

I saw these medal displays on my friends Facebook page and had to purchase a few for gifts during the holidays. I purchase the "Always Earned, Never Given" for my dad, and a "Soccer" one for my niece. Then to my surprise my boyfriend got one for me for Christmas as well. Before I got the display I had my medals hanging on a single nail all bunched up and you couldn't really see them. So I love the fact that I can display these in the living area of our house. I get compliments when ever we have new visitors! The style isn't bulky and looks really nice on the wall. Allied Medal Display was gracious to host this months "Favorite Things" giveaway, they are letting the winner pick any medal display they like on their site! So take a look and enter to win..here's how!

1. Comment on my blog, make sure to leave a email address when you sign in so I can contact you if your the winner!

2. Like Allied Medal on Facebook by clicking here, then leave a comment on my wall post letting me know I sent you. Please don't post directly on their page, but only on my wall post that way I can keep track of entries!!

3. Retweet the giveaway, don't forget to add @kristylpants!

The winner will be chosen on Friday.....GOOD LUCK!!!


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  2. oh, I SO need a medal hanger! The push pins in the wall are so ghetto! LOL

  3. I have "liked" Allied Medal's FB page!

  4. I would love to have a medal hanger. A couple of yours look familiar. -@jackwbruce

  5. I "liked" allied Medal's FB page too!

  6. Kristy, what a great idea this company came out with! I have to get one for Hannah's soccer/softball medals. Love ya girlfriend!

  7. Nice rack, Kristy. I've "liked" the company on FB. The bamboo shirt is super cute, too! =) Row.

  8. Wow, I love how your medals look. I definitely need to do something with mine like this!

  9. Bamboo clothing is divine! And I'd definitely run for wine. Oh goodness, I didn't mean to rhyme. I did it again...
    Ok, I'm done. ;)

  10. I didn't realize running in bamboo was ok. I have a tank I love and run in anyway.
    And I totally have medal envy!

  11. I love these medal hangers. Mine are all hanging on my closet handles. They bang and clang every time I open the doors and it's really frustrating!


  12. I sooo want one of these medal hangers! I asked for one for Christmas AND Mother's Day and still haven't gotten one! My medals are all hanging on the side of my dresser mirror...tacky and you can't see them. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!


  13. I tweeted about your giveaway!!!

  14. First, I love bamboo, my sheets are bamboo, amazing! And second, I love that medal display, I definitely need one, since all of mine are currently jumbled on a nail. =)

  15. i "like" allied medals on facebook =)

  16. I have been looking for something like this to display my medals. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I like Allied Medals on facebook!

  18. Great idea! I tweeted & going to fb now! jenlconklin@gmail.com @jedijen31