Monday, April 23, 2012

Happiest 5k on the Planet!

 The happiest 5k on the planet "The Color Run" took place this weekend in So Cal, and I was so excited to take part in it. When I saw the Youtube video on Shea's Facebook page I knew I had to get friends together to run. However, because I've been a procrastinator lately (wedding planning), we missed registration and the event sold out very quickly. Luckily the organization realized how many people were wanting to run, so they added a later start time and opened up registration again. I got a couple of my childhood friends together Diane, Teresina, and Carla and we all registered right when it opened.

When we pulled up to the parking lot we saw tons of rainbow colored runners heading back to their cars from the morning race. They looked like they had just lost a fight with a bunch of  Easter Peeps, it was pretty funny! Diane and Carla had never ran a 5k before so I was super excited for them to have this race as their first experience. Teresina and I are used to timing events so we were excited to just enjoy ourselves. Its nice to do something fun for once and not have to worry about time........which this race does not do. This isn't a time event, its all for the love of FUN and COLOR! 

They started the race in waves so everyone was spread out far enough to get colored at each color spot. It took some time for us to start but the race organization kept the party going with great music, and lots of fun goodies being thrown out into the crowd. Each person got a packet of color to throw at the end of the race in their goodie bags, so more packets were being thrown, along with bracelets and some fun colored socks!  We were having a great time at the start line in our nice fresh white shirts, and headbands. We saw a few people dressed in some fun costumes and there we lots of tutu's!

We finally started and the first color station we hit was yellow! Some of the volunteers were throwing color on us with their hands, and a few others had these giant squeeze bottles sort of like a giant ketchup bottle splashing color all over. They do their best not to get any on your face, but if the wind picks up that stuff does fly all over the place. I saw some people wearing goggles, and I have to say my sunglasses stopped allot of it from getting in my eyes. The only way I can describe the powder is its just like baby powder but colored!

The next color station was green........

Then the blue color station....

The final station was pink! The volunteers were having a great time in this station. They were literally throwing buckets of this stuff at everyone, there were people rolling around on the floor, and I even saw a few people making color angels! It was hilarious! I think everyone wanted to make sure they were nice and colorfied when they hit the finish line so they were doing anything possible to get that way! 

We were pretty much a colored mess by the time we finished! At one point Teresina and I mentioned that even though this took longer then most 5k's we've done, it seemed like it went by quickly because we were having so much fun! Diane and Carla did great for their first 5k, running most of it and only stopping a few time for photos and getting colored! 

Our hubbies were waiting for us at the finish line with cameras and strict rules we were not to touch them HAHA! I did have to pat a few pink shades off Robert when I "accidentally" brushed him with my arm. 

After the finish line there was the great "Color Throw". Like I mentioned all the participates got bags of color before the race. Every 15 minutes they let off a giant color throw for everyone to open their bags and make the best rainbow cloud ever! I was able to get a great photo from the color throw after ours! 

I absolutely can't wait for next year! I had one of the best time ever doing this race! If this race is in your city you have to do it!! The organization was fantastic and the volunteers were having a great time! Thank you Diane, Teresina and Carla for all the laughs and fun on Sunday!!! 


  1. Loved your post what a great and beautiful race...I would love to join you girls next year! Looks fun and oh so colorful!

  2. I'm so bummed I didn't see you!! This race was beyond fun! My entire family, hubs and I signed up for the San Diego one! You should do it with us! This was a great recap Mrs. B :) Love u! xo

  3. Ya'll looked like ya'll had a blast!!! I am signed up for one in B'ham, Alabama on Labor Day!!! I can't wait!!! :)