Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brea 8k

I’m a little late (actually allot late) getting a race recap for this race because life has been CRAZY!. I’ve been planning a wedding, attending others weddings, friends baby showers, and working. Life in general has been soooo busy lately. I love the hustle and bustle but I can’t wait for a day that I have nothing planned to just relax in my penguin feety PJ’s watching a good movie! Now on to my frist 8k experience!!

One of my favorite stores to shop for my running gear is at Snail’s Pace in Brea. I wouldn’t have remembered about this race if it wasn’t for them tweeting about it. I’ve always wanted to run the Brea 8k because it’s so close to home, I’ve never done a 8k race, and who doesn’t love a race that will have tacos at the finish?

Registration can be done 2 ways, on-line, and at Snail Pace. I of course missed both of those opportunities, so the Friday before the race I went down to Brea H.S. and signed up. I tried recruiting a few running friends to join me, but with the last minute decision to run no one was able to. Registration for this race was one of the easiest processes I’ve ever experienced. They were so organized, and all the volunteers were super helpful! I was directed into a room to fill out my little scantron of information, got my goodie bag, t-shirt, and was on my way back home in about 20 minutes!
Registration took me literally about 20 minutes!

Start time was scheduled for 8am. So my alarm was set for 6:30 to get ready and stuff my tummy before my BIG 8k! I got to there a little early as I always like to do, and just walked around for a bit to feel the vibe. I have to say walking around the start line with no running buddies with me was super awkward. I always have someone with me, but this time I was that loner person you see listening to their Ipod and giving a hello smile at a start line. I did make a friend with a toddler in a running stroller that offered me a goldfish cracker when her parents were busy talking with friends. I kindly said thank you and took the fish!

When we started off I knew that there were going to be hills on this coarse so I took it slow the first 2 miles. I also had a wardrobe malfunction during this time. Apparently the shorts I wore didn’t want to cooperate. They were either riding up, or riding to low. I’m not going to lie at one point I checked to see if I had them on backwards. I pulled off the side of the race, adjusted them with a few hops to see if they were going to stay put and off I was again.

The weather was perfect, I was enjoying myself, and my music was right on beat for keeping a comfy pace. Miles 3-4 were easy for me with a couple up and down hills. I had 2 girls that I kept my eye on whom in my head, I was only racing them. I had to make sure I past them far enough to hit the finish before them. For some reason I always pick out some poor stranger to make them my enemy at any race. Keeps me motivated!

I turned the corner to the finish and speed up a little get the time I wanted, and I hit it at 58 mins YAY! Good enough for me, espeically because my running lately has been pretty pathetic! I stood in the finish area as if I was waiting for someone I knew to come in with me or something. Like I said I’m so used to people running with me that I literally forgot I was there alone. After realizing no familar faces was coming I had my chip removed, then headed over to the finish line festivities.It was filled with so many food booths from different restaurants, I was in heaven. I grab the cutest little cup of Jamba juice, a breakfast taco, some water, found a spot to sit on a curb and watch other runners finishing. I was content and happy!I think the alone time actually lowered my stress level with everything going on right now. I left there feeling fantastic and so proud of myself. Running is a great way to clear your head and this race did that for me. Next Saturday I have the Hollywood Half marathon that I’m really looking forward too. My wedding is the week after, so it’s my last race as a single lady. I’m also running with one of my best friends Penny..I can't wait to for the laughs and her yelling "I hate the sun"!

Hope your all having a great week!


  1. Great post! I laughed out loud about your new friend giving you a goldfish. :)

  2. I would have taken that goldfish snack, too! :)