Friday, January 20, 2012

What am I thinking!?

There is one question that I always get from family, friends, or just anyone who finds out I'm a runner..."What do you think about when your running such long distance" I think about the most random things...So here's a little post of things I know I've thought about while running, some were just from my 4 miler tonight..which is why I decided to post this!

  • "I only have 13.1 miles to run..I can do this!"

  • "26.2 miles is like driving to work and back home....what the hell am I doing running this race?"

  • "I wonder if thigh high boots will look good on my short legs?"

  • "Should I cut my hair, but then I can't get it into a ponytail and I like them."

  • "Justin Bieber...who put this on my playlist?"

  • "My shins not hurting..its all in my head, its not hurting, its not, its not..ok pain is gone"

  • "That guys running shorts are a little to short, I hope I don't see anything I don't want too! LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY!!!"

  • "Phew mile 6....almost there."

  • "Phew mile 14, I made it past the first half."

  • "Did I close the garage before I left"

  • "I can't wait to eat a big juicy hamburger and fries."

  • "I wonder if Grandpa would be proud of me for all my running accomplishments"

  • "OHHH AWWWWW look at that puppy, I want a puppy!"

  • "Ok last time I had a Gu was at mile I need to take another at....oh forget it!"

  • "Eggs, shampoo, gatorade, toilet paper, turkey burgers, pasta sauce, lunch meat for Robert, bread, do we have yogurt?...Maybe I should make a list before going shopping."

  • "I will never do this race again"

  • "I will never run again"

  • "I should try a Zumba class, its sounds fun"

  • "I wonder if Robert is at the finish line waiting for me or if he's still in bed"

  • "Did I put my car key in my hydration belt, or did I lock it in the car?!!"
The one thing I ALWAYS think about during running is...

  • "Where the F is the finish line already"

There's a ton of other things that go through my head. I constantly think about my grandpa and my roommate Esrin that past away. I use them for so much strength and think such happy thoughts about them. I use running as my therapy, and a way to clear my head. Its hard to tell a non runner what you think about withouth them thinking your crazy. Not sure about other runners but allot of times I even forget I'm running a race and just enjoy the run. This is usually when my brain decides to drift off into LA LA Land I begin to think about what it would be like to be a backup dance for Beyonce!! HAHA I always finish all my running whether it be a race, or just training feeling so much better about things!

What are something you think about? Is running therapy for you?


  1. Hahaha,these are great thoughts & I'll pull from them as I run in the Carlsbad half tomorrow! Adding on: it's warmer in the car stupid so get your ass in gear & pick up the pace! Thanks Kristy.

    1. Have a great race tomorrow! I'll be there a cheerleader and maybe help a frined run a few miles =)

  2. That was funny! (And I put Justin on your playlist.)

  3. I always say to myself....Whose brilliant f&%king idea was it to run _____ (insert # of miles) miles today?

    Lets see....10 miles = 4 beers :)

    Great post!

  4. LOL! I love that last one! :)