Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas time & running from coyotes!

Robert and I celebrated our last Christmas as a unwed couple. I can't believe this time next year him and I will be Mr. and Mrs B! We had a wonderful holiday with our families and kept our tradition together opening presents & breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. It was perfect!!

Santa was extremely good to the both of us, and I'm so excited to ring in 2012. This past year was hard with us having to say good bye to my grandpa in February, so I'm ready for a healthy and happy 2012.

Another thing I'm ready to get moving in 2012 is my running. I have been lagging so much that I'm a bit ashamed of myself. I think with the time change and sitting in almost 2 hours of traffic every day to get home makes me lazy. I want to get out there when I get home, but I'm so tired that sleeping sounds better.

Coyote Creek Bike Trail, La Mirada Ca

Yesterday I got a email from Penny and a few text messages for my friend Jessica that put a little spark back in me. When I got home last night I changed my clothes right away and went for a nice 4 miler. Behind my house is a great new little trail that I ran for the first time. I've heard coyotes several times in this trail at night playing and barking, so I was little scared to go. I don't know much about coyotes. but I heard they're a little fierce if they feel threaten. Not sure if they would feel that way with a girl 5'2 running through their playground, but I wasn't going to take any chances. I took my ipod off so I can hear around me (just incase a coyote was hungry) and just enjoyed the quite of the water running through the riverbed. IT WAS AMAZING!!

Nathan Safety Light..I love this gadget for night time running.

I knew it was going to get dark while I was out so I decided to take my awesome Nathan safety light with me. I bought this last year and have realized when I wear it I get noticed more by cars. I clip it right on the front of my shirt or pants and make sure I have the most annoying flashing mode on. I can't express the importance of making sure your seen at night while your running. People don't pay attention while driving, so you have to make sure your safe!

My new favorite running partner!

Robert got me a nano for Christmas that is now my new running BFF!! I used to use my Iphone for music, but sometimes I just want to go out without wearing my Ifitness belt. So this little guy just clips right onto my pants and holds all my playlists! Amazing how a small 4 miler makes me want to get home today change my clothes and go for another 4 miler!!! I'll keep you posted........

I hope everyone had a wondeful Holiday and I wish you all the best New Year!! Bring on 2012!!!


  1. My daughter just got the nano too. I can't believe how cool that little gizmo is.

    Coyotes haven't reached this part of New Jersey yet. Do you feel nervous with the coyotes and no phone?

  2. Hi Roadbud,
    Well now that you mention that about my phone I may have to rethink not running without it HAHA! There were other runners and cyclist on the trail so I didn't feel to uneasy!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Meh. Don't worry about coyotes. They are more afraid of you that you are of them. Get a small dog to take with you. Then you'll have something to offer them in exchange.