Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Report - A PR & Beating Dad!

When I went running with Lauren, Penny, and Jordan the Sunday before Carlsbad I told them “I want to PR in Carlsbad”. For a quick second I realized what I said out loud and wanted to take it back. You know that exact moment when your brain has you say something you really didn’t want to but it happen anyway, that was that moment. Should I have said “just kidding” after my statement, or just go with it and wish for the absolute best run I could possibly push myself to. Now I had that hanging over my head in giant letters P……….R……

The weekend started with a 1 ½ hour drive into Carlsbad from the O.C. Robert and I packed up the car and head south to the expo. It was allot bigger then I expected, and Robert enjoyed eating all the free food samples from all the booths (you should see him at Sam’s Club its amazing). I picked up a new held hand bottle that I’m absolutely in love with, thank you Penny for the recommendation. Then we headed out to meet the puppies that Penny was running for, “The Labrador Rescue”.

Entrance to the Expo

To make a donation to “The Labrador Rescue” for Penny please click here

That night my parents, Robert and myself met up with Penny, her dad John, Beth and Fern, Jenny and Cullen at Gregorio’s Italian restaurant for our pre race dinner. We planned out what time to meet in the morning and talked a little about races. It was Beth’s first half marathon so everyone was giving her words of wisdom for her first race.

Robert and I at dinner

Waiting with Penny & Beth in line for the restrooms

My alarm started jingling at me around 4:45am. I was up, showered, and standing in the lobby of the hotel for the breakfast to open at 6am. I found my dad doing some warming up in the parking lot, and shortly after Penny came to get us. Race didn’t start till 7:30 so we had plenty of time to use the restrooms, and just take some time to get ready. We finally headed over to the start line and I kept thinking about the famous letters I had spoken the weekend before. There was the usual pep talk from the announcer, and then off we went.

Miles 1-4 had a few hills, and miles 5- 10 hit the beach area. I was doing great the first 6 miles, making sure to keep a good pace between 10:30- 11. I wanted to hit 6 miles under my usual 10k time which is around 1:15 or so. I kept my eye on Mr G to make sure I wasn’t going to slow yet to fast for myself. I found Penny and Beth several times throughout the coarse, they were both doing great.

All ready at the start line!

I noticed when I hit the 6 mile marker Mr G told me I was at 1:05! Just the time I wanted, this PR business was looking pretty bright! The last couple of miles were a blur, my ipod was playing my favorite tunes and I was just going. I loved that there were so many supporters on out the coarse cheering us on. Made the miles go by so much quicker. The hills we hit at the beginning of the coarse were now on the last few miles of the coarse. I tried to run up hill but my legs weren't letting me, so when I needed to walk I made sure to keep it at a fast pace, and under a minute. Before I knew it I was between miles 10 & 11, took a look at my watch and thats when it hit me that I was going to do what I said. I had a few more miles left and I was just a little over 2:00 hours. I ran my little heart out, hit finish look at Mr G......2:30!! YESSSS!!!!!

My dad and I after I beat him!

I knew my dad finished way before me cause he always does. I couldn't wait to tell him my time because he has been pushing me for a 2:30 race for so long. I finally found him at the end of the finish and that famous question got asked "What was your time", I replied "2:30!" Instead of "I'm so proud of you" I got "Are you sure" and my dad laughed.. A bit confused on why he was laughing at me, I asked him his time and he just kept saying "Are you sure you got a 2:30" I finally got it out of him that he ran a 2:31...I BEAT MY DAD BY ONE MINUTE AND PR'D!!!! The day couldn't have gotten any better!
My number one supporter!

I was so happy with my time, then to find out that I beat my dad by a minute! What a day!! I know a minute doesn't seem like much, but to me its huge! His excuse to me for not running this race faster (his last half was 2:05) was that he's shoes hurt so he had to barefoot from mile 8 on....Ok dad!! I know I will never beat my dads time in a Half Marathon again, so he's letting me gloat and rub it in for the whole minute that my little feet hit the finish before his.

Carlsbad Half Marathon...Done!!

I learned something at this race about myself. I now know I am capable to push myself when I need to. One year ago if you were to tell me I was going to run a 2:30 I would have told you that you were crazy. I'm not a fast runner compared to some, but I do what I can for myself....oh and did I mention that I beat my dad in this race by a minute!