Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic 10k at the Universal Studios Backlot

I absolutely love movies especially old classic horror movies. So when I heard about the Just Say No to Drugs, Holiday Classic Backlot 10k at Universal last year, I had to do it. So many great films have been shot there Frankenstein, Psycho, and lets not forget Back to the Future!! I love them all, so this was right up my alley for a fun run.

Last weekend I got pretty sick, so I was hoping I was going to be feeling better by this weekend to make plans to run it. After a quick trip to the doctor this week to make sure everything was ok, I got the clear from her to run. Robert decided to go with me to the race which was awesome. It's always nice to know he's at the finish waiting, (especially when he brings Starbucks). We got to the race a little early so I could pick up my packet which ended up being really organize and quick. I still had about 45 minutes till race time so we decided to walk around the booths, get some coffee, and took a quick visit to the Alpha Running tent. I also found Bob fellow runner and blogger who was there running with his family

Around 7:20 I headed to the start line alone which was weird, I usually have someone I know with me. This time it was just me and a bunch of strangers, so I put my ipod on, and tried to get warm since it was 50 degrees this morning. The race started about 10 minutes late which got me a little ansy. Finally everyone in front of me started moving and I was off. I started Mr G. and together we conquered the downhill ride of the first 3/4 mile. Holy down hill Batman! From there was a few more ups and downs then the coarse got flat towards the back of the lot. I totally forgot how hilly this little coarse was, but I was feeling ok.

About mile two or so is when my nose decided it wasn't going to cooperate anymore, and it was going to run faster then me. So I sniffled and ran my way through Wisteria Lane, Old West, and Spartacus Square. Then past Jaws, Whoville, The Bates Motel, Psycho House and War of the Worlds. The 10k looped the coarse twice so I figured I would hit the first 3 miles hard, then enjoy the last 3 taking a few quick snap shots. I knew from being sick I was going to want to hydrate more then usual so I took my handheld with me. Thank goodness I did cause around mile 4 I noticed most of the water station were out of water and abandon.

I enjoyed the last few miles taking quick pictures of Wisteria Lane, and even caught Norman Bates standing outside the Bates motel for a quick photo. Then I finally got my picture out front the Psycho house. The horror movie nerd in me was so giddy I could have ended the race right there and been happy. I snapped a few more of the War of the Worlds area then headed to the finish. I had one more tiny up hill to go then I was done, I hit the finish at 1:18.

Overall this race is allot of fun. If you want to get a hilly 10k in for training purposes, this is the race for you. Second year in a row I had a blast and will be there next year!

That's a wrap!

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